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Thoughts and experiences about the working actor’s daily life an accounting of work, auditions, relationships including quotes photos videos from friends, creative collaboraters, students and mentors.

Free Falling into Blissful Oblivion

Consequences are often viewed in a negative light.  Currency in the world of childhood and misbehavior “There will be consequences!!”  Truthfully however consequences are merely a result or effect of an action or condition.  If I touch a hot stove the consequence is a blistered digit. If I follow through on a thought or idea […]

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Fun Fridays

When did life become so complicated and serious?  I remember those early days of school plays where we got to put on costumes, play characters and get the adults to laugh, cry and clap at the end.  We had power we had never felt before …the power to make the grown ups listen to us, […]

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GIMME A COMMERCIAL BREAK Breaking in and Breaking Down Your Commercial Career

If you are an Actor starting out or jump starting your career the Commercial World is a fantastic place to work your craft, earn enough money to “make a living” and learn valuable practical lessons that will shape and form your entire Acting career.  The commercial world is really no different from the world of […]

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Why act?  Why go through the tortuous trial of too little work, too little money, so much work just to get work, the roller coaster ups and downs of feast and famine with work, money and security?  What motivates the need to tell the story in a public forum using your body as the instrument?  […]

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ACCOUNTABLE ACTING …..BUSINESS in the ART of the Actor’s Career

How much thought have you put into the Business of your Career? Let’s face it most of us are diehard artists who would do what we love to do for free. The expression Charity begins at home comes into play. Unless you are able to take care of yourself you will never be able to […]

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