Fun Fridays

When did life become so complicated and serious?  I remember those early days of school plays where we got to put on costumes, play characters and get the adults to laugh, cry and clap at the end.  We had power we had never felt before …the power to make the grown ups listen to us, to hear what we had to say and to change the way they think about the world.  As I sit in my children’s elementary school theatre watching them on that stage laughing, crying and clapping for the stories they share I smile inside and out about the circle coming around.

Watching them “play” I realize that although I am in a position of wisdom and authority I still have much to learn from teachers of all ages.  My children and my students teach me to embrace the joy of the journey, the delight in discovery and the importance of pure imagination.  The worry, the frustration, the impatience, the feelings of inadequacy and all of the other forces that block the pure joy of creativity are like weeds in the creative Garden of Eden choking the life out of the simplicity of imagination and creativity.  Experiencing the unfettered free form of children lost in their imaginary Magic and totally committed to living with their character and the circumstances that character is in inspires me to tap into the “play” part of Acting.

Time to get out of my head and into my heart……… living in the euphoria of nonsense, the bliss of ignorance and the ecstasy of silliness.  The only harm that might befall me is that my stomach may hurt too much from laughing.  These Friday blogs will be dedicated to the fun factor, the silly side the trouble free kid’s stuff that we locked away as adults.  Time to find our six year old and let them out to play !!

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