Free Falling into Blissful Oblivion

Consequences are often viewed in a negative light.  Currency in the world of childhood and misbehavior “There will be consequences!!”  Truthfully however consequences are merely a result or effect of an action or condition.  If I touch a hot stove the consequence is a blistered digit. If I follow through on a thought or idea the consequence is completion.  If I play the consequence is happiness because play is defined as an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.  If I work the consequence is a result of physical and mental effort that delivers income or a practical useful end.  How do you merge the two obtaining the results of work from the joy of play?  That is the answer every Actor seeks.

When does the struggle end and where is the “prize”?  Just as Kevin Spacey says in the attached video the “prize” is inside.  The process and journey as you move toward your own unique success will be the reward.  Sounds great but what does it actually mean?  If the consequences of your conditions or actions RIGHT NOW serve as tools and inspiration to fuel the journey toward Artistic and Economic fulfillment then you are on the right track.  Each action you take in the present moment is an investment toward your future success as a result of these actions your condition will change and evolve bringing you closer to your ultimate goal. Right now you may feel a lack, living in oblivion unknown and undiscovered in a profession where fame and notoriety defines success.  Use this time to create a foundation, a platform for success build your skills, your brand, your point of view and your purpose.

Work diligently to create relationships that will encourage and nurture your artistic, spiritual and creative growth.  Prepare yourself for that moment (or series of moments) where the oblivion you blissfully worked in itself falls away and the spotlight you dreamed about and aspired to shines on you.  Only then will you truly appreciate the anonymity and purity of the solitary struggle.  If you spend your time conscientiously preparing yourself then when the fame and fortune you seek finds you, you will be prepared to embrace it, enjoy it and live fully in it.  Until then enjoy the journey you are on and make sure to explore and enjoy all of the rewards that the process has for you.

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