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    Thanks for visiting my site. Scroll down to read my daily blog and see trailers for future projects.

    Some info about my professional life. I am an actor/teacher/producer. My acting career started in Atlanta, Georgia then detoured through New York for a few years, I moved to Los Angeles in the mid eighties. I've worked steadily since I began this artistic journey and work in every medium Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials and Voiceover.

    If I could describe where I fit in the pecking order of the Actors' world I am an upper middle class blue collar Actor. I enjoy the creative collaborative process and working on projects of any scope or budget. The one common denominator with every job I've done is the fact that I learn something new from every project I work on.

    I haven't quite reached The Outliers goal of 10,000 hours toward the mastery of my craft but with a twenty-eight year career of producing, teaching, auditioning and working as an Actor, I'm closing in on it. Enjoy the blogs, check out my new projects, hit the links to Free Lunch Productions and Acting In Motion for more information about Producing and Teaching, look me up on Facebook if you want and feel free to follow me on Twitter. Hope your Journey is full of fun and success! Kevin


Kelsey Edwards is more than just a head shot photographer.  She is an Artistic Entrepreneur, a Mom, an inspiring creative spirit, a great friend and a loyal supporter to those fortunate enough to be in her visionary sphere.  Kelsey has been a photographer working for over 15 years in Los Angeles but also venturing out to San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and New York and other areas of the country a few times a year.  Kelsey has shot photos for thousands of actors, musicians, artists, authors and regular folks.  Walking into Kelsey’s studio on Melrose and LaBrea aptly christened CATCHLIGHT STUDIOS (because of the beautiful light streaming in) you can feel the creative energy in the space.  At night the space comes alive with events, parties, classes, concerts and a hub of social interaction.

What makes Kelsey unique is the combination of her approachable style, attention to detail, sense of focused Artistic concentration, ability to instill confidence in her clients and willingness to push the edge artistically and technologically.  In spite of all of the focused, dynamic and diligent work that happens during a session the entire process is filled with mischief and wrapped in whimsy.  When you walk out of a session with Kelsey you have a feeling of lightness, satisfaction and inspired energy.  That feeling you leave with is exactly what is captured in the photos and the video that Kelsey shoots and creates.

Kelsey is on the cutting edge for Actors and entertainers.  Her social media and marketing packages take the head shot experience to the next level combining powerfully effective head shots as well as marketing shots and video slates to fill your web site with content that shows your professional capabilities.  To set up a session with Kelsey get in touch with her associate Brady Smith 323-936-6106 she will answer any questions and give you all the information you need to make your experience at CATCHLIGHT  STUDIOS the best that it can possibly be.

If you have shot with Kelsey and want to comment or join the discussion by adding the details of your experience please join in.  It would also be fun to see some history add your old head shots shot by any photographer  (leave a note if they were shot by Kelsey).

WHO’S WHO Wednesdays is a blog about people who have shaped my career in some way or people I have a relationship with already or I am developing a relationship with.  None of us as Artist’s are able to do what we love on our own, it is a collaborative creative process.  In the Thirty plus years as an Actor thousands of individuals have played a part in starting, developing and continuing my journey as an Artist.  WHO’S WHO is a small random sampling profile of people that have somehow been instrumental allowing my journey to continue.  Thanks to all of those who have taken a chance on me, had confidence in me, hired me, fired me, inspired me, confounded me, pushed me and let me down.  All of you have taught me lessons given me strength contributed to the wisdom and added to the joy and pain of this roller coaster ride.  Check back each Wednesday to see who pops up in the WWW.

ACCOUNTABLE ACTING …..BUSINESS in the ART of the Actor’s Career

How much thought have you put into the Business of your Career? Let’s face it most of us are diehard artists who would do what we love to do for free. The expression Charity begins at home comes into play. Unless you are able to take care of yourself you will never be able to take care of others or your career. So much time is spent chasing the dream that the practical necessary elements of a successful career often slip through the cracks. Are you trapped in a starving artist paradigm looking for Artistic satisfaction no matter the true cost? How do you grow your career financially as well as artistically to establish true success?

Tuesday Blogs on this site will be devoted to exploring the business half of your career and providing an understanding of the importance in creating the balance in your own journey. Some information will be very basic for those just starting on their path as an Artistic Entrepreneur other information will be a bit deeper and more intricate for those Actors who are more established. All of the information will be useful to you at some point in your career so whether it is a refresher of UNION 101 the purpose and importance of UNION membership and support or HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RETIREMENT…..WHEN TO CASH OUT.  You won’t want to miss out. If you have challenges or questions about the Business side of your career…the Tuesday ACCOUNTABLE ACTING blog is where you want to bring them up or ask them.

Topics that will be covered over the next few months are UNION 101 getting in and getting the most out of your membership in SAG-AFTRA and AEA, FINDING THE BALANCE OF ART AND COMMERCE how much time and money do you spend on your career and is there a right balance between the two?, ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL does it ever make sense to work on projects for little or no money how to protect yourself, COMMERCIAL BREAKS making sense of the world of commercials and how they fit into your career, THE ACTORS BUSINESS PLAN a plan designed to lead you into a career free of your “Second Job”, MARKETING AND SELF PROMOTION setting yourself apart in the Sea of creativity, CONTENT CREATIVITY your three dimensional calling card Why to, How to, When to……, INVESTING IN YOUR CAREER what investments will pay off, when to make them, how much to spend, MATHEMATICS OF ACTING the formulas of creativity contracts, residual formulas, pension formulas and pay outs, health insurance and more.

So check back every Tuesday for a new look at an old challenge; Creating consistent and constant success as an Artistic Entrepreneur.  Feel free to comment and contribute to the topics discussed or suggest new topics to be covered.  There is a world of opportunity at our fingertips and as CEOs of our own careers finding the proper balance of Art and commerce will maximize our capability to create and capitalize on every chance for complete success.  Join me here each Tuesday to explore the Economic elements that will create a robust and flourishing career.  Enjoy the journey.


Acting – being real in imaginary circumstances.  Easier said than done.  What actually is the fine line between real and imagined?  There are many circumstances in life where situations are surreal when bizarre behavior is not only accepted but celebrated. There are times when behavior seems truer than true even though it flies in the face of what seems reasonable or appropriate.  Many actors choose the “right” behavior the “correct” way to play the scene to achieve the obvious objective or result.  More often than not this pedantic approach succeeds in delivering the exposition of the story but fails in revealing the true heart of the experience.

The key to avoiding the cliche’ of formulaic performance is to find the music in the words and beats just as a musician explores a piece of music.  Just like the words are the notes of music on the page the Actor’s body is the instrument that is played.  The set, the other Actors, the camera and/or the live audience make up the rest of the orchestra.  Think about how musicians totally confident in a performance will riff and change keys speed up or slow down the tempo in sync (or purposefully out of sync) with the other musicians. Pushing the envelope of what is expected, accepted and pleasing to the ear.   If music is not your thing then relate it to the sports world.  Sports are all about the element of surprise contained within the structure of the rules and boundaries of the game or contest.  The players or competitors that push the rules and boundaries to the limit, the ones that do the unexpected “win” the moment.  If an individual competitor wins enough moments in a contest they win the contest.  In the case of team play if enough individuals win their moments and the others on the team don’t negate the accomplishments of those individuals then the team is victorious.

Acting follows the same basic principles.  If the sport of basketball was watching each individual on one team take ten free throws one after the other then allowing the other team the same experience tallying up the score and declaring a winner then not many tickets would be sold.  If you went to see your favorite band and each band member played a “correct” song individually with no fused energy or reaction off of each other then the concert would be tepid and unmotivating for the artists and the crowd.  As an Actor it is vitally important to develop the instincts that allow you to create and recreate spontaneous natural circumstances within scenes utilizing all of the supporting elements that surround you.  One of the keys in allowing the natural flow of a scene to play out is “acting on the line”.  What does acting on the line mean? While the line is being spoken or heard the physical reaction is simultaneously occurring.  There is no pause, beat or breath in between the lines.  There is no moment where a feeling or reaction is “shown” to the audience to illustrate how the Actor is moved by the dialogue in the scene.  Action then reaction with no air in between.  As you practice this more and more you will begin to feel the “micro” beats that occur in between the back and forth of the character dialogue and in your own line delivery.

There is a difference in the  trap of the “pause for effect” instead of the  natural “cause and effect” that happens in a real situation. Pausing is outwardly motivated by what you want the camera or audience to see happening to you, showing what want them to see.  In that pause you are self-conscious and in control of what you are doing it is presentational and result oriented Acting giving “them” what you think is correct and they should see.  Cause is allowing what you say or what someone says to you to resonate and impact your character leading to a spontaneous and often unpredictable response.  Allowing this cause to occur can be daunting and intimidating because it is unstable, erratic and a bit dangerous it is internally motivated and evolved, organic Acting.

Pausing will lull the players and audience into a trance.  Although the story will be told it is more about the information that is relayed than the emotional connection and resonance involving the audience.  Cause will keep the other characters on their toes and the audience on the edges of their seats wondering what might happen next.  The story will unfold in a motivated and connected although chaotic manner just as real life plays out in it’s own unpredictable way.  Think about the most memorable performances you have seen and the most memorable experiences you have had in your life and compare the commonalities.

Give a diligent examination of the “cause and effect” rule in your life as an observant Artist and also in your Acting practice.  Once you see it occurring in life and in Art you cannot “unsee” it.  Take a chance in your next class, audition or performance prevent the pause and embrace the cause allow “it” to carry you into that place of unpredictable bliss, chaotic danger and precipitated acceleration.  Leap and the net will appear – John Burroughs and “You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” – Ray Bradbury two inspiring and applicable quotes supporting cause and effect, Acting on the line and being in  the moment.  Enjoy the Journey!!


Albert Einstein was the man, not only did he comprehend and capture the laws of Physics he also managed to allow the common man and woman the capability to glimpse and understand in practical terms how the laws of the universe are applied in our every day lives … whether we like it or not.  “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the Frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  Of the myriad of quotes attributed to Mr. Einstein I have been exposed to this quote resonates the most with the Artist in me.  As an Actor or Artistic Entrepreneur much of my life is spent searching for that perfect coupling of frequency and reality.  I seek that reality in a very practical sense as I look for projects that satisfy my Artistic soul as well as take care of my economic needs.  Some projects provide an amazing intersection of creativity and commerce other projects remain mutually exclusive, but all serve to allow me to sustain and grow as an Artist.

We all know what we want as Actors … the topsy-turvy goal of creating an alternative reality that we occupy while telling a story that promotes an emotional shift in our audience, in the world.  Truth in imaginary circumstances.  When we are given the opportunity and are able to match the reality to the frequency of our character, the story and the other characters in the project we are working on Magic happens.  We suspend our disbelief and create a world that is so truthful and alive that those who witness it suspend their disbelief as well and take the journey with us.

The goal and the trick for the Actor is two fold.  The first step is putting yourself in a position where the frequency of work is consistent. The secret of this perceived conundrum lies in the definition of work – “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result”.  What is the purpose or result of the work that you do?  Be careful how you respond, it is a trick question.  If the purpose or result you seek is fame and fortune then you may find that both elude you.  Fame and fortune is actually a by product of excellent work done consistently.  If the reality you seek is fame and fortune then the frequency of work that you do must be such that it matches the reality you desire.  There are many road blocks along the path, both psychological and physical that will show up to keep you from doing the work you need to do to create the reality of your dreams.

The second half of the puzzle is using the frequency of the work to develop the skill set to constantly and consistently improve the work you are capable of executing.  The greater your skill set along with the recognition of that skill set by others the further you will be able to cast your net for opportunities that will serve to enhance and broaden …. your skill set.  Creating that paradigm is the challenging part.  If you are relentless in your pursuit and execution of work for the express purpose of improving your craft and skill set then with each class, each exercise, each project you will get closer to matching the frequency with the reality you desire.  As your skill set develops and improves then the possibilities of the reality you desire will consequently develop and improve as well.  Where YOUR reality ends up is entirely up to the frequency you are willing and able to create in order to achieve it.  Enjoy the journey!!


ac·count·a·ble  (-kount-bl)adj.1. Liable to being called to account; answerable.  Went to the my first meeting of an ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY group that I recently joined.  What an empowering and stimulating concept and tool for success.  Just like business managers and board members gather to discuss strategies trends and models for success in business it is vitally important that Artistic entrepreneurs do the same.  If you are not careful with your career you may find yourself floundering allowing yourself to fall prey to the fears, insecurities, paralysis and sense of overwhelm that is part and parcel with any idea or project that is “larger than life”.  What an accountability group and having a “buddy” within that group does is take this unwieldy impossible task and breaks it down into manageable “bite sized” pieces that I am able to commit to and accomplish toward my larger greater goal.  The beauty of the group and buddy concept is that I become more accountable and responsible to my buddy and the group for achieving and reporting the incremental successes.  If I fail in a task or goal the anguish is minimized because there is a confidant, a buddy and a group to help me analyze why it didn’t work and to help guide me into a process that will allow me to be able to succeed with the goal in question or steer me in a direction toward another goal within my reach.  If I succeed with the task then then my success is added to the synergy of the group … the lesson, methodology and formula is incorporated into the mind set making it easier for others to accomplish an identical or similar task.

This GROUP idea and paradigm is the same  method used in a professional paid way with Artists higher up in the food chain.  A feature film is an example of an accountability group.  Every individual involved is responsible to the greater good of achieving a successful outcome.  The idea and story starts out as an individual thought or concept but in order to become a reality on the screen the individual must turn over the execution of the process to hundreds even thousands of people.  We must be willing as Artists to expect and do the very same thing with our careers.  As our capabilities and goals become greater so is the need to enlist and allow others to be an active part of our journey.  Too many Actors and Artistic Entrepreneurs hang on to the premise of “going it alone” or “it’s me against the world” instead of humbly, diligently and consistently seeking help, advice, encouragement and work from others as well as offering the same.  The key is seeking out your best team looking for buddies and artists that you are able to assemble for yourself.  There should be a balance of Mentors and trainees.  Individuals that have strengths you wish to learn and emulate as well as people you can coach and nurture.

This ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP in addition to inspiring me to do more and focus within the group also allows me to more fully examine the other relationships and groups in my life and career.  In being responsible to a Buddy and group on a daily, weekly, monthly basis part of my focus will shift to the other personal and professional groups that I am part of and allow (or force) me to be more responsible to them.  Am I doing everything possible to allow my family, my Agent, my Manager, my Theatre group, my Classes and any other groups I am part of to help me in my journey?  Am I being responsible and contributing the best of what I have to offer them?  Am I finding the balance and joy in the process?  Is my life fueling my career and my career fueling my life?  Seeing the journeys and paths of others in my ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY GROUP as well as the other “unofficial” accountability groups  will allow me to find the balance.  I will be able to ride that thin line of aspiration and dedication to achieving success in this roller coaster career and finding blissful balance in the process.  Enjoy the journey.