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THE BEATLES WERE RIGHT: Eight days a week is not enough

TIME …the great equalizer.  No matter how much fame and fortune you gain in your lifetime the time YOU have is ALL you have.  How do we make the most of this elusive and fleeting commodity to create the career and life that we desire.  What is the balance between family, work and play and […]

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Had an amazing day today working on a beautifully shot, creatively written and dynamically directed indie feature titled 0000.  How did today come to be?  If I trace it back to the very beginning it would be to the day my father and mother met at The University of Georgia cafeteria but that is taking […]

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Call back

Off to a call back for a spot I auditioned for yesterday more later…………. How important is it to listen and really hear what a casting director and/or director is saying? It is everything!! I found myself in the first take of a callback today playing the idea of a feeling instead of really feeling […]

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